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Le Kioko

Sushi – Tartare – Poke

The combination of authentic quality with a delectable menu delivers fresh sushi, poke bowls, salads, and much more straight to your taste buds.


The Story of

Our Restaurant

We are fresh Japanese breath in the beautiful Saint-Henri district. You can easily spot Le Kioko by our magnificent neon sign above our storefront. We welcome you to enjoy our delicious Japanese cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere every day from 11 am. We offer a wide variety of sushi made of fresh quality ingredients. Our culinary creativity allows you to taste some of the most unusual sushi that you will enjoy. Besides sushi, you will also find poke bowls, salads, and tasty tartare. Let us impress you with our colorful dishes even before your first bite!


Syake Nigiri

Tekka Nigiri

Tora Ebi Nigiri

Suzuki Nigiri

Discover Our

Great Flavors

Nigiri Set

Our 12 pieces of nigiri are specially designed by our chef. 4 pieces of hotategai, 4 pieces of syake, and four pieces of tekka, all siding with Japanese marinated yellow ginger and green wasabi.

Salmon tartar

Salmon tartar, tobiko, shrimp tempuras, fried onions, avocado, spicy mayo, and shallots’ flavors are all boomed in on bite!


Having a beautiful name: Kamikaze, you will never go wrong with this flavoursome dish of crab stick, tempura, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, spicy mayo, shallots, and your choice of salmon, tuna, or hamachi. 


Colorful, unique platters are ready to be served! All in one plate, we have futomaki, hosomaki, nigiri, dragon eyes, and many more!

We Believe

Food comes with

We believe making a sushi dish, or a poke bowl comes with a responsibility. Thus, we are committed to sourcing responsibly and have solid relationships with our seafood suppliers. That’s how we do quality control and carefully craft your meals.



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